2019 Public Service Training Program

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Program overview

The Lawyers Trust Fund of Illinois has partnered with IFLP to offer several seats for Illinois legal aid lawyers in IFLP’s foundational boot camp in the spring of 2019. The boot camp is a 3-week intensive training program for law students and mid-career legal professionals that introduces the disciplines, competencies, and knowledge required to excel in modern legal practice in all settings, from corporate legal departments and law firms, to legal aid programs, government entities, and courts.

The foundational boot camp introduces well-established disciplines that have been implemented across industries (i.e., software development, manufacturing, medicine, etc.). Rather than providing instruction in “Legal” X (“legal” project management, “legal” analytics), this focus on interdisciplinary learning highlights the need for expertise from multiple domains and emphasizes a growth mindset and the need to be a lifelong learner.

The 2019 foundational boot camp is May 13-31 at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law in Chicago. The maximum class size is 32 students. During the boot camp fundamental knowledge is gained outside of class via articles, videos, and exercises. In class, participants work in teams to apply the disciplines they are learning about to various legal services delivery scenarios via exercises. Through the coursework participants learn how their new knowledge and skills can be applied in a variety of contexts.

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There are 6 boot camp seats open to interested organizations. Module 1 may be excluded from the Public Service Training Program. Ideally one staff member will complete at least modules 2 - 5 of the boot camp. However, we recognize that it may be hard for legal aid staff members to commit to a 3-week training program, so organizations can split a seat among no more than 2 staff members.

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Modules are taught over three days, except Module 5, which is addressed in two days

CLE credit will be sought for all modules

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Business fundamentals & professional communication

Business of Law

Legal Operations

Accounting, Finance, & Legal-Services Pricing

Leadership & Teamwork


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framework for innovation

Innovation Frameworks & Scientific Thinking

Project Management

Process Improvement & Innovation

Knowledge Management

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Office Productivity Technology

Legal Platforms

Data Management

Computational Thinking

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data analytics & artificial intelligence

Data Collection and Cleaning

Descriptive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Data Visualization

Algorithms, Statistical Learning, & Artificial Intelligence

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public service sector implementation

Implementation of Modules 1-4 to Public Service Settings

Problem Identification, Analysis, and Solution Planning


how to Apply

  1. All Legal Services Support Grantees of the Lawyers Trust Fund of Illinois are eligible to participate in the 2019 Public Service Training Program.

  2. Application closes on March 15, 2019.

  3. The application will collect brief demographic information from the organization, including the name(s) of staff members who will participate and the modules they will do.

  4. The application is an organizational application, but a person who will serve as the point of contact must enter their name, email and phone number in the first three fields of the application.

  5. The application will also ask for a short statement of interest by each staff member, and a statement of support from the organization’s executive director.

  6. Each nominated participant will engage in a short interview prior to admission to the program.

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