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In today’s complex, fast-changing world legal professionals require a bigger tool box. With clients increasingly demanding outcome-based solutions, legal professionals must complement their traditional legal skills with a breadth of knowledge across disciplines. The Institute for the Future of Law Practice (IFLP) was formed to address this need. When IFLP succeeds, businesses operate more smoothly, access to justice improves, and legal professionals benefit from a higher return on their educational investments.

HOW IFLP Operates

IFLP is a non-profit organization that brings together all members of the legal ecosystem to expand legal training and improve the quality and accessibility of legal solutions. Law school partners host boot camps, provide students, and offer credit for IFLP programming. Corporate legal departments, law firms, and law companies provide input into the curriculum, mentor students, and provide internships. This collaborative approach allows IFLP to maintain peak relevancy while keeping costs to a minimum.

what iflp does

IFLP creates and delivers curriculum that complements traditional law school offerings. We leverage industry best practices to create learning modules that allow current and future legal professionals to learn the latest techniques. We use industry experts to deliver these modules in condensed time periods, with an emphasis on real-world problem solving. We then extend this training through practical work experience in paid internships. This unique approach produces graduates who add unique value to their clients from day one.


IFLP grew out of the Tech Lawyer Accelerator program at the University of Colorado School of Law. From 2014 - 2018 this program educated students on modern practice and placed more than 90 rising 2Ls and 3Ls in paid internships. Many of those internships, directly or indirectly, led to permanent employment upon graduation.

IFLP’s inaugural class, May 2018.

IFLP’s inaugural class, May 2018.