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There is a legal supply chain problem today. New law graduates are often ill-prepared for the modern practice of law. At Cisco, a $48 billion technology company, building a modern legal talent pipeline for the future is an important and planned activity with a multi-year horizon. Acknowledging this supply chain problem and looking for a solution, Cisco has tapped the talent of IFLP students and is a leading employer of interns.

“This program exists to give students the skill sets they need to come in-house and be able to contribute immediately,” says Steve Harmon, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel at Cisco. “This year I’ve committed to hiring at least six [interns]; I would like it to be ten.”

IFLP partners with innovative legal departments, law firms, legal services providers, legal tech companies, and public service organizations as internship employers. This is an opportunity to not only gain value by hiring well trained interns, but to also help modernize legal education and the talent pipeline.

How does it work?

IFLP provides employers with a pre-screened pool of candidates with diverse backgrounds who have the skills, experience, and interests most relevant to legal practice today. Interns can handle legal, business, and operational projects that are appropriate for their experience and skill sets.

Internships begin in June and are either 10-weeks or 7-months in length. Many employers have found the 7-month internship, which is open exclusively to third-year students, to be most rewarding because students often add the most value in months 4, 5, 6, and 7 when they have a deeper grasp of the business.

IFLP offers both traditional and supervised internships to help employers tailor the program to meet their needs and capacity. Employers who are not in a position to onboard and manage interns themselves can be paired with a service provider who will employ and manage your intern for you.

Internships should be designed to provide students with work that enables them to gain experience that will be useful in building their career. This work can include traditional legal work and operations-focused work. Following the internship, there is no expectation that employers offer post-graduation employment to IFLP interns, but they are free to do so.

Students in the 2018 boot camp complete a teamwork activity.

Students in the 2018 boot camp complete a teamwork activity.


2019 Participating Employers

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Host an Intern

IFLP works with employers to deliver value based on each company's unique circumstances. Internships can be customized to meet an employer's reasonable needs.

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