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Building T-Shaped Professionals

You’ve read recent headlines that say that law students are not prepared for legal practice following graduation, in-house counsel are keeping more work in-house, and law firms are being forced to find ways to become more efficient. In short, the legal market is changing but legal education has not kept pace with the times. As futurist Richard Susskind warns, “we are training young lawyers to become 20th-century lawyers and not 21st-century lawyers.”

It’s time for a change.

A primary goal of the Institute for the Future of Law Practice (IFLP) is to equip lawyers with the knowledge and skills that are essential in modern legal practice. We seek to transform traditional lawyers, who have deep legal knowledge and expertise, into T-Shaped lawyers with knowledge of complementary disciplines, including business, design, project management, technology, and data analytics. These new legal professionals are able to better solve problems and collaborate with others who have expertise in those areas.

IFLP hosts multi-week intensive boot camps to train law students and mid-career professionals on these disciplines.

See  R. Amani Smathers,  The 21st-Century T-Shaped Lawyer , for more information on T-Shaped lawyers.

See R. Amani Smathers, The 21st-Century T-Shaped Lawyer, for more information on T-Shaped lawyers.


The IFLP program was an invaluable experience! I learned so much about different areas of the law, both in where they stand today and what may be happening in the future. Working in groups to give presentations on topics I was previously unfamiliar with was scary, but definitely helped me grow as a teammate, leader, and thinker! And I definitely appreciated all the opportunities to interact with industry leaders during the boot camp and at networking events. My internship was also extremely rewarding; I can't imagine a better way to have spent my 1L summer!

Lauren Diner, Northwestern Pritzker School of Law

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A foundational boot camp covers the basic operational skills that all legal professionals need. An advanced boot camp shows students how to apply those skills in a transactional practice. Each boot camp contains several in-depth modules, developed by a leading academic and delivered by leading industry professionals.

IFLP will offer a 3-week foundational boot camp in 2020 in three locations: Chicago, Boulder, and Toronto. This training targets rising 2Ls but rising 3Ls and mid-career professionals may also participate.

An advanced boot camp that is open only to rising 3Ls and mid-career professionals will be offered later in the year.



Business Fundamentals and Professional Communication: Business of Law, Leadership, Finance & Accounting, Legal Operations

Project Management, Process Improvement, and Innovation: Innovation Frameworks, Project Planning and Management, Process Mapping and Metrics

Technology and Knowledge Management: Office Productivity Technology, Legal Platforms, Knowledge Management

Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence: Data Center Design, Data Collection, Descriptive and Predictive Analytics, Data Visualization, Computational Thinking and Artificial Intelligence

Industry Orientations (multiple): The basics of how specific employer sectors operate, and what students need to know before going to work in a corporate legal department, a law firm, or a public service organization.



Software Licenses: Common Terms in License Agreements and How they Get Negotiated

Service/SaaS Agreements: Common Terms in Service and SaaS Agreements and How they Get Negotiated

Corporate Transactions: Common Terms in Corporate Agreements and How they Get Negotiated

Scalable Contracting: Using Technology and Process to Improve the Efficiency and Quality of All Types of Contracts